Stress and Anxiety

We all experience life challenges which require us to find strategies to manage them. Having some stress and anxiety can be quite functional as it can mobilise us into productive problem solving. In the short term this can work but if the level of emotional tension continues to increase there comes a crossover point from Stress to Distress. Distress is when we become emotionally over aroused and our capacity to effectively problem solve is severely compromised. We all have a variety of unique presentations but these can include racing thoughts, feeling overwhelmed, sleep disturbance, fatigue, limited concentration, bodily tensions, irritability, withdrawal, and relationship difficulties. When we feel overwhelmed it is like having numerous files open on our computer and everything slows down and becomes ineffective. Even common-sense advice does not appear to work. If one feels one is drowning it is difficult to believe one can swim.

I have had extensive experience in working with stress and anxiety developed through my clinical training and counselling work. I have also developed stress management workshops and delivered presentations to groups and organisations over the years. I have a common-sense approach to help clients make sense of the internal and external factors that lead to stress, anxiety and distress. I seek to first understand each individual’s unique presentation and history and then develop and apply custom-built strategies and interventions.