Managing Life Changes

We go through predictable and unpredictable life changes throughout life. These changes can result in us having to navigate through issues that are often complex and punctuated with differences and paradoxical feelings which can affect our ability to change and adapt. Having gone through lots of life changes does provide me with an understanding and a context that assists in tracking the process that individuals experience and identify what the actual hurdles are to adapting to such changes. I focus on understanding individuals’ personal journeys and challenges and mapping what empowers and dis-empowers individuals to adapt to often inevitable life changes. These can include all stages of life from adolescence to late adulthood, work, relationships and retirement.

I provide life change models and explore what are the “push and pulls” of choices which are associated with fears and consequences of change. There is a saying that “Most of us don’t change because we see the light, but we change because we feel the heat”.